MEDIATICINO is a scientific research project that runs from 2014 until 2019 with the aim to understand the impact of electronic media use on the well-being and academic achievement of students in Ticino (Italian-speaking Switzerland) during their transition from childhood (10 years of age) to adolescence (15 years of age).


Three different data sources are used:

  1. An annual survey among ca. 1’500 students starting from fourth grade of elementary school
  2. A biennial survey among students’ parents
  3. Students’ annual report with their final grades



The longitudinal data allows understanding the role media plays in the cognitive, psychological, physical, and social development of students taking into account different aspects related to family environment, including the regulation of their media use, and the media themselves.


The project is conducted in collaboration with the Cantonal school administration of public
elementary schools and middle schools as well as the school administrations of Istituto Elvetico and Collegio Papio.


In 2018 and 2019, thanks to financial support from the Swiss National Science Foundation, the researcher team was able to obtain additional objective information on students' mobile media use, with a specific focus on smartphone use. This information was collected through the Ethica application. The new project label "MEDIATICINO2.0" acknowledges the innovative character of the extended project.