Digital media and wellbeing among children and adolescents in Ticino



#STAYATHOME IN TIMES OF COVID-19 is a research project conducted during the first lockdown of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. The aim of the project is to explore how young adults in Switzerland (Canton Ticino) and Italy (northern regions) experience the lockdown as one of the most drastic measures to contain the spread of the virus. More specifically, the project aims to understand the relationship between smartphone use and well-being in young adults during the lockdown. In order to do so, the Ethica application unobtrusively traces smartphone use. In addition, participants receive a short questionnaire directly on their smartphone once a day, for 30 consecutive days, in which they are asked to report on the type of smartphone use they made and how they felt each day. The study is funded by the Fighting Covid-19, Together. initiative by and conducted in collaboration with the University of Saskatchewan.

Principal Investigators

Anne-Linda Camerini

Laura Marciano


External collaborators

Nathaniel Osgood

Justin Pointer