Digital media and wellbeing among children and adolescents in Ticino



MEDIATICINO is a research project that started in 2014. It investigates the impact of new media on the well-being of students in Ticino during their transition from the preadolescent to the adolescent age. This longitudinal study consists of an annual survey among almost1400 students from the fourth grade of elementary school (9 to 10 years of age), a biennial survey among their parents (from 2014 to 2019), and the integration of students' year-term grades. In 2018 and 2019, thanks to funding from the Swiss National Science Foundation, the researchers had the opportunity to collect objective information on screen time and app usage directly from students’ smartphone, through the Ethica app. To underline this innovative aspect, the project has been renamed in “MEDIATICINO2.0”. The project is carried out in collaboration with the Department of Education, Culture and Sport (DECS), responsible for all public schools, and the two private schools Istituto Elvetico and Collegio Papio.

Principal Investigator

Anne-Linda Camerini



Laura Marciano



Susanna Morlino (Ondata 8)

Margot Carcuro (Ondata 8)

Benedetta Bernasconi (Ondata 7)

Elisa Galmarini (Ondata 7)

Kleona Bezani (Ondata 7)

Chiara Antonietti (Ondata 6)

Anica Ilic (Ondata 3 e 5)

Federica Mongillo (Ondata 4)

Giovanni Franscella (Ondata 3)

Ilaria Mammolo (Assistente Studente Ondata 2)

Serena Quinto (Ondate 1 e 2)