Digital media and wellbeing among children and adolescents in Ticino

Contributions presented at the 72nd annual ICA conference



13 January 2022

  • Anne-Linda Camerini, Emiliano Albanese, Laura Marciano, The impact of screen time and green time on mental health in children and adolescents during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Anne-Linda Camerini, Laura Marciano, Anna Maria Annoni, Alexander Ort, Serena Petrocchi, When the timing matters: Exploring the psychophysiological correlates during Instant Messaging among young adults
  • Laura Marciano, Michelle Ostroumova, Anne-Linda Camerini, Digital media use and adolescents’ mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic: A systematic review and meta-analysis
  • Laura Marciano, Charles C. Driver, Peter Schulz, Anne-Linda Camerini, Reciprocal and individual effects of smartphone use on adolescents’ well-being: An intensive longitudinal study
  • Anne-Linda Camerini, Laura Marciano, Dominique Wirz, Alexander Ort, Linking real-time response measures to survey data to track the emotional experience, within the panel Linkage Analysis: Methodological and Theoretical Insights From Research Combining Content Analysis With Survey Data